Thursday, 23rd January, 2020, 20:30

Duration: ~3hrs

Venue: Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Auditorium, Lisbon

Feeling concerned about what the future holds when it comes to climate change and the current state of the world? If you have been trying to make a positive impact in the world around you and feeling a bit hopeless then this film is for you. Tomorrow is a French documentary released in 2015 that exposes creative and interesting examples of people trying to change the future of humanity and the environment. Tomorrow unfolds in five chapters – Agriculture, Energy, Economy, Democracy and Education – as we travel around nine different countries: France and Reunion Island, Denmark, Finland, India, Great Britain, the United States, Switzerland, Sweden and Iceland.

WATCHing the documentary, we’ll find ourselves feeling positive and impressed by the advancements both an individual and society can make for a better future.

Agriculture and food are setting the stage and in the first few minutes we are introduced to the local farmers in the Detroit area and to how they have created a semi-autonomous city by producing their own food. Later in the film, several other sustainable food initiatives around the world are sending a clear message: we need to support urban agriculture. But it is not only agriculture; several cities in the United Kingdom have created their own local currency, trying to create a circular economy where people would benefit from it at a local level. What also makes it unique, is that in some cities they have also created a reward system where citizens can be encouraged for sustainable behavior. The documentary continues to develop with several initiatives covering the other chapters that have proven themselves with several solid and tangible solutions to environmental and social challenges.

We look forward to welcoming you for a special screening of Tomorrow – the second event of a new Ar series ProjectAr on Thursday 23rd of January, 8.30pm, at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown Auditorium.

Together, with the help of É p’ra amanhã team we will hold the stage after the documentary to TALK about similar initiatives that have been happening nearby, within Lisbon and Portugal. É p’ra amanhã has created a documentary series presenting several initiatives in Portugal in key areas of sustainability in an attempt to show how our future could look like. Drinks and snacks will follow together with showcasing local and global initiatives, such as the GoParity, Zero NGO, Caravana Agroecológica, Zero waste lab, Coopérnico and others. This will be a chance for the public to be introduced to local ACTions and potentially participate in the future.

More about ProjectAr | Watch – Talk – Act

ProjectAr is a brand new spin-off of the outreach initiative Ar | Respire connosco. 

For the past eight years a group of scientists and science communicators at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown have been exploring science from different angles with the public at large and this time the Ar team is crossing science with cinema! This new Ar series, ProjectAr | Watch – Talk – Act will link the screening of a film with an open conversation that will hopefully lead to action. 

Tickets are now available!

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