Love & Sex in Mind! – Ar in a Bar

Ar in a Bar presents its inaugural event!

Time and Place

9:00pm until 11:30pm

At the cosy bar Chimera Brewpub: Rua Prior do Crato 6, Praça da Armada, Alcantara. It will open doors at 8pm so that you can buy dinner and drinks before the event. Check out their menu and pricelist here


Entrance is FREE, but make sure you register in our Eventbrite.

Eventbrite - Love & Sex in Mind! - Ar in a Bar

Since the number of seats is limited, please only register if you are committed to coming. Thanks!

Is Love really all around?

How often do you think about Sex?

What’s the link between the two?


From the Greek philosophers to modern time bloggers, everyone wants to have their say about love and sex. Why is this discussion so endless?

Maybe the answer is that love means different things to different people. Cultural contexts, gender, maturity and experience all define the way we think about this tricky topic. To complicate matters even more, each individual will have differing opinions, interests, expectations, and intentions. We think of it as personal.

As scientists, this presents a problem. Can love be measured, the way we measure other behaviours in animals and humans? If not, how can we study it? To fully understand the importance of love and sex, we need to look at it from different points of view: physiological, evolutionary, social, and personal.


This is where Ar in a Bar, an initiative from a group of scientists working at Champalimaud Foundation, comes in. Think of a nice cosy bar with some home brewed beer, and a group of people eager to explore the concepts of Love and Sex. Ar in a Bar invites people from all backgrounds to come have a drink with us and provide their perspective on this provocative topic. Absolutely no background knowledge is necessary – you only need to bring your curiosity and a willingness to share your opinions and experiences. All inputs welcome.

To ignite the discussions we have invited three hosts who have been thinking about different aspects of love and sex for a long time, from physiology to sociology, and evolutionary biology. 

The event will be in english, but there will be plenty of portuguese speakers around to help facilitate the discussions.

Join us on March 7th and remember to keep Love & Sex in Mind!




Ar in a Bar is one of the offshoots of the Ar family (the others being Ar Events and the online Ar Magazine). We aim to create a cosy, friendly atmosphere to have interesting discussions about many different topics in small groups. Our emphasis is on learning together, as part of a community, so we won’t have long talks by individual speakers, but instead will spend most of our time in discussions and explorations of ideas. No prior knowledge of the topic we’re discussing that day, or any scientific training, is necessary.


Why in a bar?

The students at Champalimaud Research have been performing extensive research on themselves and have concluded that beer is beneficial to thinking about science.

What is an event like?

Each evening will have a theme that we hope to explore with the people who come there. We’ll provide 2 or 3 hosts to ignite the discussion, who have been thinking about the topic for a long time. Some will be scientists working in that field, others might be practitioners or otherwise interested in the theme. They will lead various discussions about the topic.

Where are the events held?

Our events are held in the lovely Chimera Brewpub, with the best homebrewed beer in town.

How can I know about Ar in a Bar events?

Sign up to our mailing list on this page or like us on Facebook to get news about the times of all our events.


And now the more serious part…

The scientists at Champalimaud Research are seriously concerned about the current state of politics and the world, where evidence is being ignored in favour of rhetoric. This is completely against the principles of scientific research that we live by. We believe more than ever that what is desperately needed is what’s written in Ar’s mission statement: A World Moved by Creative and Critical Thinking. Ar’s various offshoots are our attempt to spread this ideal.


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