The Roots of AI

Artificial Intelligence is all around us, accelerating medical drug development, selecting what content we see across social media or outclassing us on the most human of tasks from driving to medical diagnoses. The transformational power of AI has the potential to alter our society as profoundly as the agricultural and industrial revolutions, but how did we get here?

Tuesday, 12th DEC 2023
21:00-22:30 | drinks & snacks






This live event will be in English and will also be transmitted online.

What is intelligence, and why do we seek to replicate it artificially? 

When did the AI revolution begin, and can you recall your first encounter with AI? 

How has AI impacted our daily lives, and how will it alter our futures?

Join us on December 12th at 21:00 in the Champalimaud Auditorium for The Roots of AI, the inaugural event in a three-part series exploring the Past, Present, and Future of AI where we will ask these questions and more. 

The Roots of AI will consist of three activities. First, in Dialogues on Intelligence, Prannay Reddy and Ana Maia will chat about the topic of Intelligence in a broader sense. Then, on Rise of the Algorithm, Tiago Marques will introduce AI while providing a perspective on its research history and relationship with neuroscience. Finally, during Conversations with a Machine, Lesly, our own artificial being, will discuss how it came to be.


Tiago Marques

Tiago Marques received his PhD from the Champalimaud Foundation in Neuroscience where he studied the role of hierarchical circuits in the brain during visual perception. After that, Tiago worked at MIT researching how the brain recognizes visual objects and developing novel Artificial Intelligence algorithms that better approximate human intelligence. Currently, Tiago is co-leading the Digital Surgery Lab at the Champalimaud Clinical Center where his team is developing an innovative medical device to allow surgeons to see a tumor through the patient’s skin combining Artificial Intelligence and Extended Reality.


Ana Maia

Ana is a psychiatry resident at Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Ocidental and a PhD student at the Neuropsychiatry Unit of Champalimaud Foundation. She is interested in studying brain-body interactions, namely the bidirectional influence between emotions, thought, behavior and the immune system.

Prannay Reddy

Prannay Reddy is an INDP PhD student in neuroscience at the Champalimaud research foundation and is still working on figuring out his niche in the field. He also makes scientific outreach videos on YouTube for fun.